Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards

 Bright young things.

The recent BBC Radio 4 Food & Farming Awards revealed a healthy appetite for food production among the younger generation, reports Sheila Dillon.

The most striking thing about the Radio Four Food & Farming Awards (the 11th I’ve Judged) was how many young people were nominated – particularly bakers. Craft baking, not to mention cheese and charcuterie making, are suddenly the career choices for the under-30s. The economic forecast may generally be gloomy, but it seems that quality food production is one place where the economy is being boosted and jobs created – and the great news is that those doing it are the young.

One example is Alex Gooch, 29, who won Best Food Producer for the remarkable breads he turns out from his small Hay-on-Wye bakery. He started as a chef, but now became an entrepreneurial baker with the help of borrowed money and a love for what he does so supremely. Getting up at midnight six days a week to work at crafting his slow-fermented breads, he is now a solid business success. 

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