Superb millers of high quality organic grain. The consistency of the their flour is second to none. It is a pleasure to work with them.


Organic spelt grown and stoneground in Somerset. It's a fantastic flour that produces loaves and cakes with superb flavour and interesting textures.


Producers of organic eggs just down the road from the bakery. I have been using Lyndon and Isabelle’s brilliant eggs for more than 6 years.


Joe and Sane are fantastic growers producing a vast array of high quality organic vegetables and also fantastic pickled chillies that they grow themselves


Magical sea salt from Anglesey. The dedication and passion that Alison and David put into producing their salt is reflected in the quality.


Paul Benham is an incredible grower. Words really can't describe how truly glorious his produce is, whether it be tayberries, rocket or garlic to name but a few.


Salvatore Cutrera's organic Primo Oil. This Sicilian single variety olive oil has a fantastic freshness and depth of flavour. The other oil I use is Calabrian EVOO, it is an excellent all purpose oil produced by the Minisci family.


Welsh cooperative dairy who's product are of an
extremely high standard.


An organic-biodynamic farm in Tuscany run by the Franco Family. I use their balsamic vinegar and pecorino, which are both from another planet!


Top quality organic spices, plain and simple.


A family run watermill producing superb stoneground flours using organic local grains and also organic grains grown in other parts of Britain.