• Alex is an incredible baker, who will stop at nothing to make sure his bread is absolute perfection.
    Angela Hartnett, Murano
  • Hi, Alex, Just to thank you for this extraordinary bread. Brought a loaf back to London, and just ate it slice by slice with butter all day. It has so much interesting taste and vitality, and goodness. One feels a connection with you, its maker, and its place of origin. Bread for me is one of life’s essential foods. I am indebted to you for all your hard work! Many thanks. Stephen
    Stephen Goodchild
  • It doesn’t get any better than Alex’s bread, it’s the best on the planet. We have a great working relationship; on a number of occasions Alex has created bespoke products to suit the things we desire for our changing menus.
    Stephen Terry, The Hardwick
  • Alex’s parmesan bread sticks are terrifyingly addictive, the crack cocaine of the bakery. You’ve been warned.
    Charlie Hicks (vegetable magnate!)
  • Alex produces dream a hundred per cent spelt artisan bread, including cakes, sourdough, flatbreads, brioches, cinnamon buns… heaven!
    Roger Saul, Sharpham Park
  • My ne plus ultra of bread… it’s perfect
    David Parker
  • Alex’s bakery was deliciously warm and scented from the morning’s baking, and from the beery aroma of the rye starter culture, which bubbled and popped like a tiny Vesuvius. Sitting on the long, oiled oak work table were shiny
    conker-headed brioches and several little loaves of stollen.
    Jane Wheatley (writer)
  • Alex made bread that produced total silence around a table of judges.
    Sheila Dillon, BBC Food programme
  • Alex works far too many hours, but at least we never run out of bread.
    Rebecca Gooch, (other half)